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Dive trips done and things happening like scuba dive in Cape Town, touring and about anything we think would be interesting to share.

We will also do updates on PADI and RAID scuba courses link to it the Divers alert department of Labour approved first aid courses. Ideally we want to do weekly blogs but for 2015 we aim to do a monthly blog and in the month practice on our Twitter and Face book accounts. (links to the social media pages also on www.diveinn.co.za)

If past guests would like to do a write up and post some photos or just want to share their experience of Cape Town can also apply to post to the Blog Dive Inn. We love to share all our great things the mother City of Cape Town has to offer so read, enjoy and comment.

Comments are always welcome as this helps improve future blogs and also what the readers would like to see and read.

Philippines Dive trip 2018

Philippines Dive trip 2018 Philippines were on the radar at all for a dive trip. Until Terrence Gosliner, Co-author of the Indo Pacific Nudibranchs came and did a talk on the Verde Island Passage. So the spark started and then chatting to a guest, Natasha...

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Cape Town Nudibranch finds

Cape Town Nudibranch finds Cape Town Nudibranch finds on our nudibranch hunting trips can provide some nice critters to photograph. But to find most of them you would need to go very slow. A very good idea is too dive often as well. This will ensure that your sighting...

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Dive Inn first quarter update 2017

Dive Inn first quarter update 2017 Wow, these days the time flies. My idea was to blog every month about something and now I note the first quarter of the year is already gone. Thus the heading for this blog is Dive Inn first quarter update 2017 and almost a follow up...

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Dive Inn Cape Town 2016

Dive Inn Cape Town 2016 Dive Inn Cape Town 2016 will have a summary of what happened to us .Looking at my calendar today I could not believe that 2016 has flown by. Last year we had a blog post Dive Inn Cape Town Peak season stating what we did in a short period....

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Ladismith experiencing the Karoo

Ladismith We got invited by the Ladismith tourism for an educational to see what Ladismith had on offer. This also coincided with some festivities and the CBL Paddafees (Frog festival) a fundraiser for a NGO - wardrobe of love. We got booked into a 1912 dwelling with...

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World Tourism Day Cape Town

World Tourism Day World Tourism Day is held on the 27 September each year. Idea is to bring attention how important tourism is to cities, countries and there people. In Cape Town it was taken even further and September was made Tourism month. So this meant all around...

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Jaci’s Lodges

Jacis Lodges Jacis lodges in Madikwe game reserve is situated next to the Botswana border in the Northwest province of South Africa. From Johannesburg/Pretoria it is about a 3-4 hour drive. Madikwe also got a runway so you can fly in as well which makes the experience...

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Cape Town Nudibranch hunting

Cape Town Nudibranch hunting Cape Town Nudibranch hunting is our speciality and at Dive Inn Cape Town we really love the little critters. In Cape Town Nudibranch hunting from shore is possible and you have a good chance to spot alot. Nudibranchs do move around and are...

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Sodwana Bay dive trip 2016

Sodwana Bay Sodwana Bay on the East coast of South Africa is really a great diving spot. The reefs are mostly full of life and loads of corals are seen on most of the reefs. With the stunning corals the fish also show off with schools of snappers, Potato bass checking...

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Cape Point Cape Peninsula Tour

Cape Point Cape Peninsula Tour The Cape Point Cape Peninsula Tour is one of the tours we do a lot in Cape Town. And to top it all, it is one of the most scenic drives around the Cape peninsula. This is a full day tour normally and a couple of routes can be taken out...

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Eyes – The window to your soul

Eyes “each of a pair of globular organs in the head through which people and vertebrate animals see, the visible part typically appearing almond-shaped in animals with eyelids”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye Eyes are also the window to the soul it is said by some....

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Dive Inn Cape Town Peak Season

Dive Inn Cape Town Peak Season WOW what a season. Loads of tourists visiting from the states and United Kingdom (mostly cricket supporters) touring and diving in our beautiful city of Cape Town. Dive Inn Cape Town Peak Season blog is a quick view of what we were up to...

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Marico Oog

Marico Oog On a trip inland where heat wave conditions with temperatures between 36 and 40 degrees was ranging we had had to make a plan to get a dive in. So what is another 200 km to drive to go and experience the cool/warm 20 degree crystal clear waters of Marico...

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Cape Town City Hall

Cape Town City Hall This iconic building is more renowned for the balcony where Mr Nelson Mandela made his first public address after being released from the Drakenstein Prison. (He was in 18years on Robben Island prison, 6 years in Pollsmoor and the last 3 at...

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Cape Canopy Tour

Cape Canopy Tour Cape Canopy Tour is outside of Elgin and about an hour’s drive from Cape Town. We at Dive Inn Cape Town decided it is time to dive into another adventure and we tried out zip lining with Cape Canopy Tour. They are the 7th and youngest of the canopy...

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Sea Anemones

Before I start about my quick view on Anemones Wikipedia can do the more scientific explanation:
“Sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria. They are named for the anemone, a terrestrial flower.

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High Tea in Cape Town – Taj Hotel

High Tea in Cape Town Upon deciding to treat ourselves one Saturday morning I had to phone 12 of the top rated establishments in Cape Town before I could get a booking for 2. Truly were impressed that the high tea’s were so high in demand here in Cape Town. What is...

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