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DAN First Aid Courses

DAN First Aid courses consist of: The DAN Basic Life Support (BLS) course addresses the prevention and management of cardiac and respiratory arrest. Coronary artery disease, external bleeding, choking and shock can all lead to severe circulatory- and respiratory problems or death.

DAN First Aid courses

DAN First Aid Courses, First Aid Training, Divers alert network

DAN First Aid Courses

First aid training Cape Town

The DAN BLS course prepares you to react appropriately when someone’s life is at risk.

The DAN First Aid courses are designed to be run concurrently with BLS training. However, it can also be presented as a stand-alone programme for those with current BLS training (i.e., to meet international resuscitation training standards).

The course includes first aid training for other injuries and situations such as cuts, fractures, sprains, burns stings, etc. These may not necessarily be life-threatening, but they are certainly common and troublesome and can ruin any dive trip or vacation. Knowing what to do when accidents happens inspires confidence in the rescuer and the person in need of assistance. The skills also translate to daily life situations. Recently DAN acquired Department of Labour accreditation so that it also meets the South African Labour Law requirements for First Aid training in the workplace. Extra details can be checked on DIVERS ALERT NETWORK SOUTH AFRICA for DAN first aid Course.

The course can be held onsite(terms and conditions apply) and we normally do not have more than 4 students per class. First aid Courses are held in Cape Town and surrounding areas. The Dan First aid course is ideal for Mothers, carers, and anyone that actually come into contact with people. DAN First Aid Courses are great for Dive Masters and tour guides who work  alot with guests and clients and are out and about.

Refresher courses are on offer which is recommended to do every 2 years but we also offer a basic skill refresher for certified first aiders just to keep you up to date.



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